Learn How CJB Applied Technologies Is Embracing Biological Product Development to Meet Customer Demand


We know you like having options. That’s why we’re investing in the creation of biological formulations at CJB Applied Technologies. 

With our new bioconversions lab and continuing studies on biological formulation development, we can help you discover eco-friendly ways to get your product idea to market.

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  •  What happens in a bioconversions lab
  • The role biological compounds play in agriculture
  • Why the demand for biological products has increased
  • The unique challenges regarding biological formulation development
  • Future preservation technologies, testing methods, and regulations in biologicals


“We’re a team that believes in choice, and that creating efficacious and sustainable biological products is one of the key factors that may help protect and preserve our ecosystem into the future.” — Dr. Nigel Chimbetete, Ph.D.