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Our Equipment

The investment CJB Applied Technologies has made in analytical equipment and capabilities allows us to provide new customer services and ensure project success. Our improved safety, health, and environmental equipment and processes are now better aligned with our needs and customer demands for risk avoidance.

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Our Facility

Our home encompasses about 10,000 square feet and includes offices, labs, a pilot plant, and a spacious greenhouse—which provides for on-site testing and rapid formulation testing
and validation.



Our Services

At CJB Applied Technologies, we specialize in agricultural and specialty chemicals development projects. Our full-service capabilities include project development, formulation, testing, scale-up,
and packaging.



Our Team

All of our employees are working under one roof, which improves communication and ideation. Our improved workflow means better efficiency and productivity
for our customers.

CJB Applied Technologies is at the forefront of formulations development and process optimization. We have cutting-edge technologies and instrumentation to assess characteristics, performance, and quality throughout the development process. In our industry-leading pilot plant, we confirm lab-scale hypothesis and mitigate risks associated with industrial-scale production.

The CJB Applied Technologies team has spent decades developing successful products and formulations and bringing them to market. Start your virtual tour …