You have a great idea for a formulated product…But how do you make it a reality?

How do you get started?

Our eBook covers all the steps you need to get your idea to market.

Get your formulation idea to market faster with the simple steps laid out in our free eBook.


Chapter 1: Six Steps of Formulation Development

Understand the steps of engaging a CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) to get your formulation ready for production.


Chapter 2: Four Things to Know About Pilot Production

Discover the how, when, and why to use a pilot-scale system to produce product for market introduction and testing. 

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Chapter 3: Manufacturing at Scale with a Toll Manufacturer 

Learn how to engage with a contractor or toll manufacturer if you do not plan to use your own production equipment. 


Chapter 4: Some Pro Tips to Get You on the Fast Track

We've got advice so you can avoid common pitfalls involved in launching your product.
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Chapter 5: CJB Applied Technologies

A little bit about us: CJB Applied Technologies offers chemical and biological formulation services. We can even help you scale-up to a chemical toll manufacturer for large-scale production.