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At CJB Applied Technologies, our major services categories are: 

  • Contract Development Services 
  • Scale-up/Pilot Plant Production 
  • Consulting/Product Recovery

Our contract development services include creation of custom formulations, test methods, and production processes. Additionally, we assist you in process optimization. Our experts also handle IP management, third-party verification, and various laboratory services. This range of capabilities allows us to get your product ready to commercialize.


When we address project scale-up/pilot plant production, we utilize our state-of-the-art capabilities and manufacturing equipment. This includes producing a technology package for manufacturing, QC lab and operator training, managed product testing, and/or process optimization. We produce 3 to 600 gallon batches in our 316 stainless steel vessels, which are equipped with high shear Cowles mixers, 15 or 45 liter horizontal media mills, and homogenizers. Coating and mixing of dry products is also among our many capabilities. Additionally, we have pilot space to bring in temporary equipment to meet specific needs. 


We offer consulting/product recovery services as well. These include off-spec material evaluation, remediation of off-spec material, and many other consulting services to recover your product or move your product to market. 

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How Can CJB Applied Technologies Help?

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At CJB, we work together to improve today for a better world tomorrow as we move forward to
be the most respected chemical company in the world.

Safety and environmental protection are key values to CJB Applied Technologies. You can be assured no corners will be cut. This is not just because it is the law, but also because it is our fundamental value to look out for each other and those that depend on us.